Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness and mindfulness work hand in hand. Mindfulness asks us not only to be in the moment, but to do so non-judgmentally. This can be a tall order. Especially when things get personal. And what isn’t personal? If we are feeling down about something; then….it’s personal. 
This is where loving-kindness comes in. It helps us stay in the moment without making things bigger than they are, even when we feel personally attacked.

Overcoming the fixation of only looking out for ourselves is one of the hardest barriers to overcome. It takes training to move our perception away from individualistic thinking and move into the realm of altruism.

The storms of life come in many forms. An insult, an illness, a goal left unaccomplished, a wish unfulfilled. These tear at the very fabric of our self-identity and therefore our level of contentment. 

What if we looked out for others the same way we looked out for ourselves? What if the love, approval and appreciation we wanted, we tried to offer to others?

Most of all, what changes in the mind when we practice kindness, generosity, and wishing self and others happiness? This is the shift we want to experience- we can't have a sustainable meditation practice without it. ___________________________________________________________

Iron Spine provides a new way to be reminded of our universal wisdom and compassion that aligns with the purpose of yoga and meditation. Find us on instagram @ironspineco to stay in touch and learn more.

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