“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose,
in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”
– Jon Kabit Zihn

Thoughts, emotions, and body sensations come into our awareness. Do we react? Or respond appropriately? If we hold non-judgmental awareness, we are given a choice between the two.  We have space; space between the experience and blind reaction.

Let’s look at this in practice. Someone cuts you off in traffic; body tenses up, anger is felt. Thoughts of being wronged begin to surface. Now these happen all on their own. But let’s stop right there…

If we are practicing non-judgmental awareness, not accepting or rejecting and just being aware of these thoughts, emotions and body sensations, eventually what do you think will happen?

Without any enhancing, without any fuel to keep them going… they subside.

Easier said than done?

Yes and no. For the stronger sensations yes, but we don’t start there. We start training to stay present in the normal everyday moments, learning how to observe what is around us, and observe how the mind is constantly trying to add its commentary. Releasing simple thoughts like “I should check my email”, is not that hard. Eventually we can work up to letting free the stronger experiences.

Iron Spine provides a new way to be reminded of our universal wisdom and compassion that aligns with the purpose of yoga and meditation. Find us on instagram @ironspineco to stay in touch and learn more.

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