The Breath and Stress

Stress is caused by wanting something to be different than how it is. It takes duality; it’s like this, but should be like that.

“I have some money, but need more”

“I said that, but should have said this instead”

The moment is singular, it does not waver into the realm of rumination. Take the breath for example. It doesn’t care about what it doesn’t have, what is coming next or what happened before. It just is. Why?

Because the breath is walking hand in hand with the present moment. And if you hang out with the breath, you can too. You can recognize the beautiful simplicity of breathing in… and breathing out.

Simple and real. Our mind will make up things that might happen, or convince us that something should have gone differently. But the breath is true, it’s real, not made up. It’s an example of the singularity of the present moment, and it gives us the opportunity to ride along. The beauty is that it is always with us and we can hitch a ride anytime. By giving the mind an anchor into the present, it begins to settle into stillness.

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