Touching Stillness

When mind knows, we call it knowledge. When heart knows, we call it love. When being knows, we call it meditation.” – Osho

Mindfulness helps detach us from the habitual grasping of one thought after the next. The constant engagement with what we are experiencing begins to subside, there is finally a sense of freedom from our own inner struggle; stillness can be touched.

When we do so the mind has a tendency to jump back in and add to the experience, thus instead of continuing to experience actual stillness we begin to experience the mind’s new version of stillness or find ourselves lost in rumination.

The trick is not to get tricky; the same letting go that allowed stillness to arrive in the first place is the same letting go that allows us to stay there. Being with the stillness itself, with the same non-judgment, the same bare attention, effortlessly leads to the greater depths.

Iron Spine provides a new way to be reminded of our universal wisdom and compassion that aligns with the purpose of yoga and meditation. Find us on instagram @ironspineco to stay in touch and learn more.

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