Why Meditate?

Why meditate? It’s a good idea to have motivation in regards to anything that we do. For meditation, we may all have slightly different reasons, but in the end, they most likely boil down to happiness in one way or another

In many ways meditation is revolutionary. Why? Because we are not looking “out there”. We are not grasping for something outside of ourselves. We are conditioned to search for happiness in things, people, and situations.

Those external conditions only ignite a feeling that we have inside already. If we are not in touch with happiness itself, there will be nothing to ignite. Alternatively, if we are in touch with happiness it will be set ablaze with the slightest notice, in fact, it can burn on its own, just because.

The trick to finding this happiness is that we don’t look for it. That’s right. We just practice being in the moment, which brings us to stillness, and in that stillness happiness arises naturally.

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