Yoga Mat - Brush Stroke

Yoga Mat - Brush Stroke

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"The only way to suffer is to believe a suffering thought"



Made from 100% natural tree rubber so it is free of PVC. Non toxic, water based ink used for design. Extra absorbent and colorful microfiber (polyester) top layer bonded to a natural tree rubber base gives you the grip of a towel and the support of a yoga mat. Durable carrying strap / sling included. This mat is quick to dry, and no issue with towel bunching or moving around during your class. This mat is reversible. Extra comfy cushion, stability, and responsive grip to reduce injuries Great for beginners, intermediate, advanced, men, women, and kids.

Details: 70 in long x 24 in wide x 3.5mm thick Ideal for yoga, hot yoga, hatha, vinyasa / power, bikram, yin, ashtanga, jivamukti, iyengar, kundalini, acro, prenatal, restorative, barre, pilates, TRX, home workouts, zumba, crossfit, HIIT, and general fitness / exercise. Washing Instructions: Machine wash alone with detergent (NO BLEACH) in cold water. **We recommend limiting washing to add to our eco-conscious approach and invite you to use a yoga mat spray / cleaner between washes.** Hang to dry. (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER) A proceed of each mat sold will be donated to a foundation dedicated to saving and protecting the planet's oceans. We also implore you to recycle or re purpose your old yoga mat(s) - if you need assistance or inspiration please send us a message and we will help.


COMBINATION MAT - Premium non slip Mat + Towel designed to grip more as you sweat. (If it starts off feeling slippery simply spritz with water or wet hands- will grip more as you produce more heat.)

ECO-CONSCIOUS - Made with 100% PVC free natural tree rubber + microfiber top layer (non-toxic water based colors used in design). 100% Recyclable - This mat is machine washable (do not use in top loading machines with agitator).

LAYS FLAT EVERY USE - Triangle to signify the top of the mat - tranquil design great for getting into a relaxed yoga mindset.